Thanks Nancy and Randy for giving us all a friggin awesome track day!
I was grinning from ear to ear all day with the exception of that endo I pulled on the nsr. Again, sorry about that, we’ll get that fairing sorted and all will be golden.
All in all, it was probably the best pitt track day I’ve had yet. The extra track space made for the extra straight after the front gate, and I enjoyed the technical aspect of the track, especially on Nancy’s NSR. I had to work /all/ the gears, not just the 2 on my Zephyr. I found this track layout even better than the one set up at tradex for the ART/ racer training course put on by WCSS. Well worth the $140 for the full day. There were a ton of new riders in the morning session, and the crowd thinned out in the afternoon providing lots of room to push one’s limits.
Again, thanks so much to Nancy and Randy for making the track day so awesome, and I’ll be back in Aug. for sure! (*ain or shine).