Thanks Nancy and Randy for giving us all a friggin awesome track day! I was grinning from ear to ear all day with the exception of that endo I pulled on the nsr. Again, sorry about that, we’ll get that


Great Day! Thanks to Nancy, Randy, Spero, etc for making this event perfect. The new layout is fantastic (even with Randy’s decreasing radius extravaganza!). The extra room really makes it a track. Lots of different areas to work on skills


Great day, great layout, great fun, and great company to enjoy it all with!…..Can it really get any better!?…. Awesome layout utilizing the new area and Randy did a nice job of making it challenging enough to keep people learning


Thanks Nancy and Randy, been enjoying your track days since you started doing them. Huge improvement with extra track space, best layout yet! Safer better passing zones more braking better flow with Randys famous decreasing radius turns. looking fwrd to


To any new riders looking at this and feeling intimidated, or wondering if this is something you should try… let me explain. This is a practice day to spend time riding your bike… in a controlled environment. Working on throttle,