Pitt Meadows Track Day in session.

The Track

Located in Pitt Meadows at the north end of the airport, our track is carefully laid out with peppermint rounds used as visual guides, so there is no worry of hitting anything.

Prepping your bike for the track

You will need to tape up your lights, signals and mirrors before riding so the only thing you will focus on is what’s coming up in front of you. On select days there will be a parts vendor on site in case you require anything such as lap timers, rear sets, bar ends, etc. and will provide a technical inspection of your motorcycle to help ensure your motorcycle is free of any fluid leaks and is in good operating condition before given access to the track.

After an on-site technical/safety inspection of your bike and gear, there is a mandatory rider’s meeting and there you will be introduced to the on-site course. Randy will lead initial rides with the Ab Initio and Relaxed groups and demonstrate line choice, circulating through the group, and he will have individuals follow him to assist in speed management, braking and setup for corners. Safety Riders will lead the initial laps of the Intermediate Street groups as well as the Expert group. Between sessions Randy, Nancy and the Safety Riders will offer recommendations based on observations during your sessions. We have called upon the skills of some of the expert racing and coaching community to help out as Safety Riders and coaches.

Coaching and Safety Riders

Our professional coach offers training sessions at an additional cost. Groups are limited to three riders and you will benefit from this one-on-three coaching. Spero Benias is our coach and his students have reported some excellent improvement in their riding skills.

In each riders session, Safety Riders (SR’s) are the pace setters on the track. The number of SR’s is determined by the size of the group riding at any given time. SR’s also determine if and when riders move up or down a group, based on skill and comfort level. Besides safety on the track, SR’s also provide valuable advice, coaching and feedback on your riding technique. SR’s are also responsible for ensuring your safety while you’re out on course, and if they see something that you, or someone else is doing that is putting others at risk they will ensure that the situation is corrected.

Some of our SR’s are experienced racers or professional riding instructors.  If you want to talk to a SR, just look for them in their bright yellow “Safety Rider” shirt and/or vest. Ask them any track or technical questions you have and benefit from their experience and advice. They’ll tell you what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what you should do to refine your ride and elevate your skill.>br>

Visit the FAQ page for more information.

Your safety and riding improvement are our biggest concerns

Our greatest desire is to create better riders in every group we offer from beginner to expert. You are expected to treat your fellow riders with respect and pass with care to avoid collision.

Expect to be passed and more importantly when deciding to pass you should consider the possibility of the rider you wish to pass adjusting their line.

There is no excuse or defense accepted for running into another rider. If you do, step up and accept responsibility and expense.

The reason we offer these track days is to reduce incidents and injury to riders, being run into and injured by someone not considering the consequences of their actions is unacceptable to the organizers of Pitt Meadows Track Days.